Top 20 Eco Shopping Sites for All Your Green Living Needs

September 7, 2014 Updated: September 9, 2014

Big online luxury retailers like Net-a-Porter are now carrying eco-friendly beauty and fashion ranges alongside their high-fashion brands but most consumers don’t know that entire websites are fully dedicated to selling nothing but sustainable fashion and beauty.

Here is Eluxe Magazine’s pick of some of the best eco shopping sites around the world for fashion and beauty.

1. Gather and See is a UK based shopping site with an urban boho chic feel perfect for those looking for an upscale wardrobe with a clean conscience.

Brands: A unique variety such as Feral Childe, Kowtow, LaLesso and more, plus some unusual ones like Nobody Jeans, Veryan and Anne Gorke.

Ethics: Includes zero waste, organic, ethical, and recycled aswell as hand-crafted and locally made products.

Epoch Times Photo
Left: Kowtow via Gather and See. Right: Albion via Gather and See.

2. Reve en Vert is a UK based high on sleek style and slow fashion shopping site with a Scandi-chic, upscale urban cool boutique feel. Its ideal for those looking for investment pieces like jackets and jumpers that last a lifetime.

Brands: Hare + Hart, the Sway, Pamela Love, Svilu, Christopher Raeburn, Bamford and more, as well as eco-beauty coming soon.

Ethics: Focus on sustainable materials like silk and organic cotton, but fur and leather are included so long as it can be considered ‘organic’ or recycled.

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H Fredrickson via Reve En Vert.


TIFF stands for Trendsetting Innovative Fair Fashion. is a UK based site perfect for your everyday family needs, providing a mid-range of fashion, jewellery, homeware and beauty goods for men, women, children and pets alike.

BrandsMayamiko Designs, Gunas, Elephant Branded, Calum Macdiarmid for Eco Boutique, and many more.

Ethics: Most brands are organic or highly eco-friendly with a strong focus on Fair Trade and social justice.

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Hand printed organic cotton Arges T-shirt by Calum Macdiarmid for Eco Boutique via TIFF.

4. Fashion Compassion is a UK based bazaar-style site great for having a look around and finding some treasures.

Brands: Abury, Maiya Rhiannon, Sewlomax, Palestyled, Lush and more.

Ethics: Big focus on social justice, but with an open eco-criteria. Leather and eco-leathers are equally found. 

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Maiya Fashion Rhiannon Dress via Fashion Compassion.

5. Modavanti is a USA based Net-a-Porter site perfect for unique finds thanks to its staggering variety on offer. Modavanti offers beauty as well as fashion for ladies ranges.

Brands: Dozens of well known and mainstream designers like People Tree, Edun and Amor Vert.

Ethics: Site divided into many categories such as vintage, organic, ethical, vegan, ‘made in America’, etc.

 Epoch Times Photo
Kufic Quilted Folderover Bag by Popinjay via Modavanti.

6. Chiapas Bazaar offers Fair Trade Mexican artesanal collections with a Beachy chic feel, offering ethnic homeware, clothing for women and children, and jewellery.

Brands: There are no brands! These are 100% artisanal local goods, made by the indigenous people of Mexico.

Ethics: Showcasing and supporting Mexican traditions, eco-friendly materials such as hand-spun cotton, silk and alpaca, as well as locally sourced amber and pottery. Lower carbon footprint delivery is available by boat rather than air.

Epoch Times Photo
Lara Pillow Cover Case and Hand Embroidered Margarita Dress via Chiapas Bazaar.

7. Foranima is a US based lifestyle site serving the vegan community, perfect for the animal loving urbanite.

Brands: Ecco Bella, Royal Bitch couture, Compassion Co, Terrahue and more.

Ethics: The place to go for vegans: food, homeware, men, women and children’s vegan clothing, beauty items, pet care and vegan recipes. 

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8. ASOS Green Room claims to be the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer.

ASOS Green Room offers a wide range of brands appealing to the young British festival-goer.

Ethics: Not very clear on their green standards–vintage is included, some brands may be listed because they are “handmade with love” or they give something back to charity. There is little background on why an item is included.

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9. BeGood is a new internet US brand offering their own classic organic clothing apt for all ages and at affordable prices.

BeGood offers basic staples that last forever such as tees, shorts, jeans, tops and underwear, made from 100% pure organic cotton and natural dyes.

Ethics: BeGood has partnered with Evidence Action, a non-profit that distributes purifying chlorine at stations across Kenya and Uganda through its Dispenser for Safe Water program. For every sale they make, BeGood will make twelve gallons of water safe to drink in rural Africa. 

Epoch Times Photo
The Clarion Tee Shirt by BeGood.

10. Master and Muse From Amber Valleta @Yooxigen

Actress and supermodel Amber Valleta curates Master and Muse in collaboration with Yooxigen, a green lifestyle project from

Master and Muse is Amber Valleta’s collection of favorite artisans, eco brands and designers, within a professional ethical styling.

Brands: A Peace Treaty, Daniel Silverstein, Pachacuti, Goodone, The North Circular, Joanna Cave and more.

Ethics: Ranging from organic to zero waste, everything in this collection has been screened for its eco-credentials by Amber Valetta herself.  

Epoch Times Photo
Amber Valleta, Founder of Master and Muse.

11. Ethica is a US based shopping portal offering vintage, handcrafted, upcycled, “Made in USA”, Fair Trade, slow fashion items and brands.

Ethica also offers free carbon-neutral shipping.

Brands: Angela Roi, Daniel Silverstein, Ace & Jig, Beautiful Soul London, A Peace Treaty and many more. 

Ethics: A flexible definition of ‘eco-friendly’ as handcrafted or “Made in America” does not necessary mean the sourcing of materials is sustainable nor ethical.

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12. Big Green Smile is one of the biggest UK portals for organic lifestyle, natural beauty, baby and cleaning products.

Big Green Smile has a listing of over 4,5oo products.

Brands: Weleda, Dr Hauschka, Jason, Lavera, Ecover and more.

Ethics: As organic as can be.

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13. Eco Diva Beauty was founded by Canadien entrepreneur Charlene and her daughter, a professional makeup stylist.

Eco Diva Beauty is a collection of high quality non-toxic and eco-friendly beauty products. All products are free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives. Brands are also selected for their ethical and sustainable practices.

Brands: Tata Harper, Rahua, Ilia, Kahina, RGB and more.

Ethics: Organic all the way!

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14. Indigo Bazaar is a collection of ethical and sustainable fashion brands from around the globe, perfect for the outdoor chic.

Indigo Bazaar specializes in Down Under niche brands as well as from all continents, from Ethiopia to Guatemala.

Brands: Betty Browne, Spider and Lily, LaLesso, Jaali, Ryia, Choolips, Raven +Lily and more.

Ethics: Indigo Bazaar takes great care in selecting brands with a strong sustainable, ethical and social justice ethos.

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15. The Reformation  is a USA site loved by the A-list, including Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie and Reese Witherspoon.

The Reformation brand specializes in upcycling waste material from other brands and turning them into sought-after 70’s style maxi dresses and signature jumpsuits.

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16. A Boy Named Sue

Hong Kong based A Boy Named Sue believes in cool clothes with a conscience.

Their exotic, cutting edge ethical fashion brands are a perfect fit for the modern, upscale sophisticates.

Brands: The Sway, ThisISPaper, Royal Blush, Svilu, Flea Bags, Partimi and more.

Ethics: The shop curates brands that carry several ethical qualities, for example: organic, handmade and Fair Trade all under one label.

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Designer Hien Le FW13/14 Womenswear.

17. People tree is a UK laid back casual site with a British twist great for stocking up on basics and everyday wear.

Brands: In house People Tree designs with collaborations by the likes of Peter Jensen, Emma Watson and Orla Kiely.

Ethics: One of the most established names in eco-fashion, big on both Fair Trade and sustainable production practices.

Epoch Times Photo
Emma Watson – People Tree Shoot 2011.

18. Bastet Noir is based in the Republic of Macedonia, in Southeastern Europe.

Bastet Noir is a young company whose mission is to showcase and represent unique Eastern European brands.

Their offer their own in house collections as well as young, sexy brands from the Balkans. 

Brands: DRAMA, Jovana Filipovic, Frost collection, Design&Berries, Rosica Mrsic and more.

Ethics: Upcycled and recycled fabrics feature heavily, as do handmade and locally made goods.

Epoch Times Photo
Top: Yume Collection SS14 by Ludus. Bottom: Metalic Pants, Frost Collection by Ludus.

19. BohoLani is a US based site offering summer and festival-going fashion as well as alpaca wraps for winter.

BohoLani is the place to go for Bohemian-Glamour-Rocker-Chic fashion. 

Brands: Vintage finds and handcrafted goods from around the world.

Ethics: Social ethics rather than ecological. Plastics and furs are used here, but the brand is 100% dedicated to supporting female-led artisanal communities.

Epoch Times Photo

20. Confined Space is a UK online store hosting London Shoreditch style brands.

Confined Space grew from being a popular fashion blog to becoming an independent online retailer and showcases ethical footwear, sustainable jewellery, reclaimed denim and organic separates. 

Brands: Antithesis, The Top Project, Outsider, Antiform, Bourgeois Boheme and more.

Ethics: Brands with a focus on sustainable sourcing and placing importance on great design.

Epoch Times Photo
Left: The Dotastic Sweatshirt. Right: Bermuda Sweatshirt.

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