From 1 Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next

Deceit, Lies, and Cover-ups: Media's Role in the Untold Story.
From 1 Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next
President Donald Trump holds a copy of The Washington Post as he speaks in the East Room of the White House one day after the U.S. Senate acquitted on two articles of impeachment, in Washington on Feb. 6, 2020. (TNS)
Victor Davis Hanson

President Joe Biden lied repeatedly when he claimed he knew nothing of his son Hunter Biden's influence-peddling businesses.

The president further prevaricated that he had no involvement in Mr. Biden's various shakedown schemes.

Yet, the media continued to misinform by serially ignoring these facts.

Had journalists just been honest and independent, then-candidate Joe Biden might have lost a presidential debate and even the 2020 election. The public would have learned that Mr. Biden's business associates and his laptop proved that Joe Biden was deeply involved in his son’s illicit businesses.

Later, as the evidence from IRS whistleblowers mounted, the White House stonewalled subpoenaed efforts and sought to craft an outrageous plea deal reduction in Mr. Biden's legal exposure.

Reporters ignored the Ukrainians who claimed that President Biden himself talked to them about quid pro quo arrangements.

They again discounted the laptop that explicitly demonstrated that Mr. Biden was whining that he had handed over large percentages of his income to his father—variously referred to as "the Big Guy" and a 10 percent recipient on many deals.

They played dumb about President Biden’s use of pseudonyms and alias email accounts to hide thousands of his communications to his son and associates.

They attacked former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who now claims that President Biden was likely bribed by Ukrainians.

Yet the media can no longer hide the reality that the current president of the United States likely took bribes while he was vice president to influence or alter U.S. policy to suit his payers. Those two crimes—bribery and treason—are specifically delineated in the Constitution as impeachable offenses.

In denial, the media has instead pivoted with hysterical glee over various weaponized prosecutions of former President Donald Trump.

But now, to use a progressive catchphrase, the proverbial “walls are closing in” on President Biden.

So, will we at last expect the media to confront the truth?

Answer—only if President Biden’s cognitive and physical health continues to deteriorate geometrically to the point that he can no longer finish his term or run for reelection—and thus becomes expendable.

Such a cynical view of the media is justified, given their record of both incompetence and unapologetic deceit.

From 2015 to 2019, we were suffocated 24/7 with lies such as “Russian collusion,” “Putin’s puppet,” “election rigging,” and the “Steele dossier.”

When all such “evidence” was proven to be a complete fraud cooked up through Hillary Clinton’s stealthy hiring of and collusion with a discredited ex-British spy, a Russian fabulist at the Brookings Institution and a Clinton toady in Moscow, did the media apologize for their untruth?

Was there any media confessional that perhaps Robert Mueller and his leftwing legal team (the giddy media-dubbed “all-stars,” “dream team,” and “hunter killers”) proved a colossal waste of time?

Not at all.

Instead, the media next went right on to “the phone call” and “impeachment.”

The country then wasted another year.

The same biased reporters now claimed that the heroic Andrew Vindman had caught President Trump fabricating lies about the Bidens—given that Joe Biden was a possible 2020 opponent—to force Ukraine to investigate them or lose American foreign aid.

On that accusation, President Trump was impeached.

Then the truth emerged that, unlike President Biden, President Trump never threatened to cancel aid, but merely to delay it.

President Trump was right that the Bidens were knee-deep in Ukrainian bribes and influence peddling; and that the whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge of the Trump call but was spoon-fed a script that was cooked up by the gadfly Vindman and California Rep. Adam Schiff.

The result was journalistic glee that we impeached a president for crimes that he did not commit but exempted another president, President Biden, who had likely committed them.

Then came the next hoax of the Russian fabricated facsimile of Mr. Biden's laptop.

The 2020 Biden campaign along with an ex-CIA head rounded up “51 intelligence authorities” to mislead the country into believing that Russian gremlins in the Kremlin had fabricated a fake laptop.

Ponder that absurd fantasy: Moscow supposedly had created fake nude pictures, fake photos of Mr. Biden's drug use, and fake email and text messages from him to the other Bidens.

The media preposterously convinced the country that the Russians, and by extension, President Trump, had once again sandbagged the Biden campaign.

No apologies followed when the FBI later admitted that it had kept the laptop under wraps for more than a year, knew it was authentic, and yet said nothing as the media and former spooks misled the country and warped an election.

Now, we are enmeshed in at least four court trials on cooked-up charges that could as easily apply to a host of Democrats as to Trump.

For the past eight years, discredited media have never expressed remorse for any of the damage they did to the country. And they will not again, when their latest mythological indictments are eventually exposed.

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Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and military historian. He is a professor emeritus of classics at California State University, a senior fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University, a fellow of Hillsdale College, and a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Mr. Hanson has written 17 books, including “The Western Way of War,” “Fields Without Dreams,” “The Case for Trump,” and “The Dying Citizen.”