EpochTV Review: Our Way of Life in Peril

EpochTV Review: Our Way of Life in Peril
Lacy Hall
In the episode “We Knew This Would Happen: Attacking Our Way of Life” from NTD’s series “The Beau Show,“ host Beau Davidson discusses Afghanistan and the U.S. fight against terror.
Davidson says that people keep talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, but Islamic terrorism is a pandemic as well. So, if we live in America we should be able to avoid all of that, right? Think again. We are in danger as well because terrorists continue recruiting and training new members to set up cells of operation even in our own country. As a result, Homeland Security was created.
“This is why these attacks are attacks on our way of life. It is them versus us so we have to look at it as us versus them. There is no reconciliation, there is no negotiation. They do not accept how we live. There is no liberty, no democracy, and no freedom of thought or speech. No human rights and no women’s rights,” Beau states in his episode.  The host then shares his thoughts on the pullout from Afghanistan and that many of those who have served in our military now wonder what they sacrificed for. A staggering 22 veterans commit suicide daily as a result.
Watching the Taliban take over our equipment that was used to fight and train Afghan soldiers to oppose them is very disheartening. Our loss is their gain and they can use this to attack us. Because our leaders did not come up with a solid plan, we still have U.S. citizens unable to get out of Afghanistan. It was foolish for anyone to think that the Taliban would have allowed the orderly and safe evacuation of people. They thrive on chaos and strife, so they were never going to allow that to happen as they promised they would. At this rate, we will be hard-pressed to get rid of militant Islamists because once one cell is destroyed another pops up.
We Knew This Would Happen: Attacking Our Way of Life | The Beau Show [Full Episode]
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Davidson then gives the viewers advice on what we as American citizens can do to prevent this from happening as much as possible. It starts with smart decisions and us announcing we were pulling out of Afghanistan was like giving a green light to extremist terrorist groups. It opened an opportunity for them to attack us and our way of life. We need to protect America. We defend our country by using the rights that we have as Americans such as voting. Some are calling for the impeachment or resignation of Biden since his decisions cost American lives. Captain Sam Brown, a U.S. Army veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan, said in a recent post called what happened in Afghanistan a “dereliction of duty” by the president, saying he ignored warnings by military and intelligence and waived a legal right for the Department of Defense to submit a detailed report of risk assessment for Congress. Instead, the decision was to pull the troops out in a hurry and without a good plan. Now, the current situation there is likely to encourage more terror attacks.

Our country is at risk because we have appeared to be lax to our enemies and they will capitalize on this. Another consideration is Israel which represents peace and stability. The host also points out that most world religions are able to co-exist because they do not call for the destruction of “infidels” as Islam does. America was founded upon religious freedom so they hate us because of that. This is not the first time that America has made mistakes in its dealings with other countries, but at least those prior mistakes were made while maintaining a position of strength. This latest blunder however has made us look weaker than ever before to our enemies as well as our other allies. As much as we have tried to help other countries create a democratic government, these efforts have largely failed and we still face the reality that our enemies are setting out to destroy us and our way of life because they prey on weakness and terrorists can never be trusted.

Brown issued a statement to the Pentagon calling for them to take charge of the situation and do what is right for the Americans still stranded there and our allies. He said we will be praying for the safe return of the Americans left there and other allies who deserve our protection. America must return to a position of power. We need to defend her here on American soil as well as abroad. Beau states “We need to remember that freedom is not the envy of all and is the enemy of some.” No matter what faction of Islam you are looking at, it must be remembered that they do not believe in freedom or human rights but rather imposing their beliefs by force and interpretations of Islam have caused the world irreparable harm and strife. We as American citizens need to vote for those who will represent our interests and the best interest of our country and restore America to the strong country it once was and regain the respect America deserves. Making America great is not just a slogan, it should be our reality.

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