Epoch TV Review: ‘China’s Civilization Killers’

Epoch TV Review: ‘China’s Civilization Killers’
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Lacy Hall

Joshua Philipp interviewed Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program on Sept. 8. Chang, a columnist, author, and lawyer, worked in China at two U.S. International law firms.

When asked about the recent U.S. intelligence assessment on the origins of the novel coronavirus, Chang said the report stated two plausible possibilities: It was a natural mutation from a bat to a human or it was a lab-associated incident. “They also report that China has not been cooperating with the international community and its been blaming the United States,” he said. “And that to me means that the President of the United States has enough information to act.”

He also said that whatever the origin of the virus, China “took steps to deliberately spread it beyond its borders, they lied about the contagiousness, and while locking down their own country, they pressured other countries not to impose travel restrictions and quarantines.”

We also know that China is working on a new generation of biological weapons that could be a civilization killer.” Chang said that for all these reasons, Biden must act and “establish deterrents to prevent the Chinese from spreading the next pathogen.”

Philipp quoted Chang as saying that by not acting, the world is basically letting China get away with the crime of the century. Chang pointed out that so far, the virus has caused 4.5 million deaths.


China took advantage of the virus as a biological weapon by allowing it to spread. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done nothing to acknowledge or eliminate the biological weapons that we know they have. The host asked Chang about China’s biowarfare programs. He responded that China is developing pathogens that will attack specific ethnic groups. China is admittedly doing this and has been working on them for several years. This could put China in a position to be the only viable civilization if these pathogens destroy other ethnic groups, which in turn would make them world rulers.

World dominance can be accomplished by strengthening your own country or weakening others. It is only a matter of time till they succeed in developing such pathogens, and with no consequences for the coronavirus, China will believe it can release the next deadly virus, similarly without consequence.

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Philipp then asked how a biological weapon targeting a specific ethnic group would work. Chang said it is scientifically proven that certain ethnic groups are more susceptible to some pathogens than others. By targeting these groups, they would be weakened by these weapons.

The Communist Party has the largest collection of DNA data on American citizens. So, how did they acquire this information? Chang outlined five ways China got the DNA data.
  1. They purchased American companies including Complete Genomics, a technology leader focusing on whole human genome sequencing.
  2. They restrict the exporting of the DNA data of Chinese citizens.
  3. There are several Chinese companies that are dedicated to DNA profiling of Americans.
  4. They hack the data from our computer systems.
  5. We have cooperation agreements between American and Chinese research companies.


Chang explained that we have been operating under the assumption that we should be cooperative with China, and thus, no safeguards have been put in place. We need to sever ties with China before it is too late and more damage is done. Our military advised the people serving in our Armed Forces to not use internet DNA testing sites so that the Chinese can’t steal their profiles.

The host then asked what can be done to prevent this? Chang advised that while we cannot do anything to control what the Chinese military does, we can stop providing them with our support, our money, and our technology. We have an obligation to do this in the interest of national security. He explained that we must impose consequences on China for the release of the COVID-19 virus, so that their leaders will not want to release the next virus for fear of retribution and it costing China dearly. Without these repercussions, China will think it can do whatever it wants, which puts us in a very dangerous situation.

Chang also discussed the gain of function research that we have been financing in China, which is medical research on altering a biological organism. China focuses on making pathogens more deadly and transmissible. When Dr. Rand Paul questioned the gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute, Dr. Fauci denied it was happening even though it was proven that his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was sending funds to the lab in Wuhan. Philipp said that Dr. Fauci has been involved in a coverup of the origin of the virus because it would reveal too much about the gain of function research being done.

Keeping in mind that all labs in China are tied to the military, when people are in collusion with China and helping fund them, America must stop being oblivious to the types of research being done.

China’s Role in Testing

The host said that a lot of internet DNA sites send the samples to China for processing, and that COVID-19 samples are also sent to China for testing. Philipp said that since the samples sent to China are saliva or nasal swabs, could the CCP use the DNA from those samples when developing ethnic-specific bioweapons. Chang said there is no question that this is being done. It was also revealed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that funds medical research, is tied to some of the organizations that transfer this data to China. Chang said that this is another good example of America being oblivious and not realizing the dangers inherent in such exchanges.

Social Media Censorship

Dr. Fauci, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and others involved in social media platforms are suppressing those who inquire about the origins of the virus. They do not want the public to know about the gain of function research that they have been financing.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) also has ties with the C CP. This is why then-President Trump removed the United States from the WHO. The organization was unable to prove that it was independent from the CCP. As a result, Trump wisely severed those ties. The Biden administration has unfortunately rejoined the WHO.
Since most social media platforms get their information from organizations like the WHO and the CDC, any information from other sources, especially information that deviates from what these organizations say, is branded as disinformation. Social media platforms have freedom of speech like everyone else, but they should also not be allowed to fall under Section 230(c)(2) protection which states they cannot be treated as a publisher and must allow freedom of speech of all users.

Call To Action

What does all this add up to and what can we do about it? Chang pointed out that we owe it to our future generations and all American citizens to sever ties with China and stop helping them weaken and ultimately destroy our country. The CCP has called us the enemy, but our current administration does not view them as an enemy. We need to be aware of this threat and deploy troops to Asia if needed, according to Chang. To view the larger picture, we must realize that the CCP sees the influence that our freedom and democracy has on people, they hate it, and seek to destroy it.

We need to see their malicious acts for what they are and what their ultimate goals are. They are even counterfeiting our money, and this was proven when a large shipment was seized by border agents. We are at war with China on several fronts and we need to be aware and be on guard and cut all ties with them to protect our nation.

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