Ontario to Include Tesla in Rebate Program After Court Decision

September 3, 2018 Updated: September 3, 2018

Ontario will include some Tesla Inc. car owners under its rebate plan as the province winds down an incentive program for electric cars, the ministry of transportation said on Aug.31.

The decision follows the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on Sept. 4 striking down a transition program, including the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program, set up by the new Ontario government, which excluded Tesla customers from qualifying for rebates.

The incentive program provides rebates of up to C$14,000 ($10,640) for people who bought electric cars.

“I have directed the ministry to expand the wind-down process,” minister of transportation John Yakabuski said in a statement on Aug. 31.

“Ending the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program could save Ontario taxpayers up to an estimated $1 billion over four years,” he said.

The ministry said on Aug. 31 incentives will be provided as long as certain conditions were met.

By Laharee Chatterjee