Ohio Police Thank Two Men for Stopping to Help Mother Having Seizures

December 27, 2018 Updated: December 27, 2018

Police officials in Ohio thanked two men for stopping to help an unconscious mother who was with her 3-year-old child.

Rayfield Hallman and Steven Wood were driving in Maple Heights on Dec. 23 when Hallman spotted a small child.

“He almost continued on, but out of concern for a small child being alone, he stopped to check and make sure everything was okay. He discovered a woman was on the ground in the doorway of her home, going in and out of consciousness,” the Maple Heights Police Department said in a Facebook post.

The men called 911 and took the toddler to sit in their vehicle to get her warm, taking her small poodle into the car as well.

Hallman and Wood stayed at the scene until police officers and firefighters arrived and rushed the woman to Marymount Hospital.

“Rayfield and Steven’s decision to show concern for another person probably saved not only the woman’s life, but possibly saved the life of her daughter, who was outside in the night cold (36 degrees) and at the young age of 3, did not have the wherewithal to take action to care for herself,” the department stated.

“I’m sure that other people drove past and decided not to do anything, but because Rayfield and Steven decided to show a high level of character and compassion, the woman, her daughter, and her dog should be fine.”

The men were given gift cards to Mr. Chicken as a thank you, the department said, noting that they showed “everyone else that compassion for our fellow man is still an applicable characteristic in our world.”

Kim Davis, a Facebook user, said she is the mother of one of the men and the aunt of another.

“I am so thankful to God for placing them right where they needed to be to help this young lady and her baby girl. I literally cried when he called to tell me what happened and shutter to think what could’ve happened to that little girl had the wrong person with no good intentions stopped!!” she wrote.

“I’m sooo very proud of them!!! May God continue to bless you, I love you Ray and Stephen.”

Another user, Ashlee Kuhne, said she was the 911 dispatcher that took the call from the men.

“I took this call! They were so concerned about the child! Thanks for calling this in so we could get the help out to her that she needed!!! You guys are great!!!” she wrote.

Other users praised the men for their actions.

“Very kind for them to do. I’m sure they didn’t do it for reward, but because they saw a need and followed through with positive responses. God bless them,” wrote one.

“There’s still good people in the world! Thank God!” wrote another.

“Young Men who were raised right. Anyone would be proud to say they were their sons,” wrote one.

“They deserve more than Mr.Chicken gift cards. I look for the Mayor to publicly recognize them with proclamations and keys to the city!!!” said another.

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