Off the Plan Homes Offer More Than Just a New Abode

February 10, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Buying a new home is always an adventure, and many homebuyers are aware of the numerous benefits already in place for those who choose to buy new. New homes often offer more flexibility in wants, with the buyers getting to fine-tune construction or even develop models from the ground up. Pre-built new homes offer a wealth of benefits as well, ranging from the confidence of buying new to simply wanting to be the first inhabitants of a nicer and newer home.

Real estate company iBuyNew offers buyers the confidence of buying new coupled with tremendous real estate services. A buyer’s first line of defense in the market and the easiest way to find what they want among thousands of homes or properties is a real estate expert. The company specializes in the sale of new and off the plan homes, making them an exceptionally great choice for buyers who wish to buy such properties. Off the plan properties allow greater savings and nicer properties for buyers. The attraction is apparent, and it is an intelligent way to go.

Mark Mendel, CEO of iBuyNew, maintains the company with the vision of helping buyers find the new properties of their dreams at prices they can afford. The company works closely with industry leaders in development and is able to offer clients insider deals and exclusive opportunities. Every employee on staff with the company is highly qualified, and Mendel is at work constantly, looking for new ways to retain leadership in the industry. The company is very online focused as well, offering clients a wealth of information concerning buying homes, financing, considerations to make, and more.

One such article notes several advantages of new homes—low amount of maintenance issues, greater value, and more peace of mind. These advantages, of course, are in addition to the availability of the newer and better home features many buyers are looking for.

Another consideration to make is Australia’s first-home buyers grant and other codes and restrictions. The grant has changed to apply exclusively to new homes, influencing more buyers to choose new properties. Offshore buyer restrictions in addition to breaks for buyers of new properties is expected to grow the market even more during upcoming years as new properties become more affordable.

Upgraders, down graders, and first-time buyers alike are enjoying the benefits of off the plan properties. With greater option flexibility and the ability to get what they are looking for, buyers have an easy choice when working with an experienced real estate professional. Companies such as iBuyNew are advancing the real estate game into the digital age, allowing buyers and developers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market and take advantage of changes. Buyers stand to save and seize tremendous value from their homes, and developers and real estate agents walk away with more funds and satisfied clients.

Homebuyers are encouraged to work with a real estate company that is experienced in off the plan and new construction properties to obtain the best results. When it comes to a large investment like a home, buyers can only gain from hiring the best in the industry.