Try NYC’s Finest Dessert Places With a Unique Twist

Want a quick bite to eat with a unique experience? New York has a great amount of unique restaurants that are like no other. Their innovative styles have an excellent  presentation, taste, and feel to the environment. When you try these dessert spot’s food, you know you have reached the right place to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Caffé Bene

[Photo Credits: Caffé Bene]

Originating in Korea, Caffé bene has franchised worldwide and is located here in New York City. Their mission is to provide “rest and relaxation amid the more hectic scenes of city living”. Their cafe has one of the best environments to relax with that cup of Jo. This summer they have their specialized shaved ice, and are one of the most delicious refreshers on a hot day.

  • What we suggest: Go for the original coffee, it is a nice morning wake-up for those who enjoy coffee. We also suggest during the summertime to try the mango shaved ice, but make sure you bring a friend, because its huge!
  • Cost: Moderate

Their website:

Beard papa’s

[Photo Credits: Beard Papa’s]

Born in Japan, this cafe is known to have “The World’s Best Cream Puffs”. Their handmade cream puffs have a unique style in taste are are a delicacy. Their desserts come in a wide variety of flavors, its no doubt that your favorite will be here. Their flavors include blueberry, green tea, milk chocolate, apple cinnamon, sweet potato, strawberry, almond, and many more. They sell other items, such as cheese sticks, chocolate fondue,  fruity filled doughnuts, and eclairs. 

  • What we suggest: Try the cream puffs of course! We first suggest the original, then you can move on to another great flavor.
  • Cost: Relatively inexpensive

Their website:

Max Brenner

[Photo Credits: Max Brenner]

Is your sweet tooth just nudging you for a bite to eat? Well Max Brenner is the perfect place to be. Known as “Chocolate by the bald man” it has sprouted a new century-type dining experience. Their decadent delights include Max’s Popsicle Chocolate Fondue– where you literally just dunk an ice cream bar into chocolate to give it’s own chocolaty coating, chocolate fondue, crepes, the “hug mug”, and other more creative dessert experiences. This place is perfect for the love birds out there or even just a day when you feel like having your chocolate cravings satisfied.

  • What we suggest: Since it’s summertime we suggest the Max Ice-cream Sundae. There are a lot of choices to choose from, whether you want chocolate, berries, or both in your sundae, you will be satisfied.
  • Cost: Moderate

Their website:

Spot Dessert Bar

[Photo Credits: Spot Dessert Bar]

This innovative bar brings a new twist into dessert. What is unique about it is how they combine flavors such as Green Tea, Yuzu, Kobacha, etc. into the traditional desserts. Their desserts have a beautiful sensation for the mouth and a dazzling look for the eye. Spot also has catering, so for those who want innovative desserts at your next party, this will be the perfect place!

  • What we suggest: Their best seller, Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, has a beautiful green tea gauche inside a chocolate lava cake. Served with green tea ice cream, its no wonder it’s their best seller.
  • Cost: High

Their website: