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NTD Good Morning (Jan. 25): US and Germany to Send Tanks to Ukraine; McCarthy’s Reply Goes Viral

Germany and the United States are gearing up to send tanks to Ukraine. Meanwhile, an anti-corruption sweep in the war-torn country sees governors from multiple regions resigning or being fired.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has long vowed to keep two prominent Democrats from serving on the House intelligence committee. McCarthy said that Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) would not be allowed on the panel if he won the gavel, and made the rejection official on Jan 24.

Twenty states and a conservative legal group are pushing back against the Biden administration’s migrant parole program. We look into the lawsuit that calls it an unlawful abuse of parole authority.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Tornado Rips Through Houston, Texas Area
2. 20 States Sue Biden Admin Over Migrant Parole Program
3. McCarthy Rejects Democrats’ Intel Committee Nominees
4. US and Germany to Send Tanks to Ukraine
5. DOJ Sues Google Over Abuse of Digital Ad Dominance
6. Student Develops Check and Balance for AI Chat Bots
7. Tesla to Invest $3.6 Billion to Expand Nevada Complex
8. Amazon Launches $5/Month Unlimited Prescription Plan
9. Colombian Navy Seizes Over 4 Tons of Cocaine
10. London-Sized Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica Ice Shelf
11. Deer With Halloween Bucket Stuck on Head Rescued
12. Breast Cancer Survivor’s ‘Tribe’ Helps Her Overcome

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