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NTD Business (Feb. 2): Does ChatGPT Have a Left-Leaning Bias?; Meta Shares Soar on Cost Cuts, Stock Buyback

Internet users feel that AI chatbot ChatGPT has a left-leaning bias. As AI gets more powerful and more widespread, such a bias could impact society. ChatGPT denies the allegations.

Meta stock is soaring after the company’s earnings call. We look at possible reasons for the spike and what Mark Zuckerberg is planning for the company.

A new Biden administration report criticizes Apple and Google’s app stores in part of a sweeping government plan to tackle monopolies.

Energy giant Shell reports record-high profits for 2022. What drove the gains?

The Biden administration targets “junk fees” from credit cards to airlines. It could save consumers money but also have unintended consequences.

A one-of-a-kind sports car sets a new record high at auction. Why is it special?

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