Nexus 9 Release Rumors and Specs: Google to Unveil HTC Volantis in Mid-Oct.?

October 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

After seeing the likes of Apple and Samsung roll out their new devices, Google fans must be wondering when it will be their turn to get the goodies. 

A number of sources indicate a mid-October launch for the Nexus 9 tablet. 

According to Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, Google are planning to unveil their latest Android tablet along with the Android L OS, Android Wear 2.0, and Android TV on Wednesday, October 15. 

The Nexus 6 could be released in “early November” instead. 

Russakovskii adds that he is not “very confident” about the information, and that “plans are volatile and can change.” 

The mid-October release is also echoed by tech tipster TK Tech News, who anticipates that Google are doing a “quiet launch” of the Nexus 9 “within 5 days (and) at most a week” from Thursday, October 9. 

The device could even be hitting stores soon after the announcement, as TK Tech News’ sources claim that the tablets are “ready to go and Google is just tying up lose ends with shipping details.”

Finally, Focus Taiwan report that Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, revealed in a New York press briefing that HTC is producing an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet with Google, and the device will be unveiled on October 16 and be available in the Taiwan market in Q4 2014. 

With the fresh wave of launch rumors and earlier speculations all hinting towards a mid-October Nexus 9 unveiling, it would be rather shocking at this point if Google didn’t go ahead with the event. 

Here is a round up of rumored Nexus 9 specifications:

Body: 8.91 x 5.98 x 0.31-inch body (22.63×15.19×0.79 cm), 418g (or 427g with LTE) (14.74/15.1 ounces), aluminum zero-gap construction with stereo front-facing speakers
Display: 8.9-inch display at 2560 x 1440 / 2048×1440 (281ppi) / 2560×1600
Processor: NVIDIA Tegra K1 Denver (64-bit)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Internal storage: 16GB or 32GB
Cameras: 8 mega-pixel optical image stabilization rear camera, 3 mega-pixel front camera
OS: Android L (Lollipop/Lemon Meringue Pie 5.0.)