Nexus 8 / Nexus 9 / HTC Volantis Release Date, Rumors: HTC Flounder’s Specs Details Leaked?

Google and HTC are supposedly working on a new Nexus tablet together, and some specifications have surfaced.

The upcoming Nexus tablet is known by a number of names: Nexus 8, Nexus 9, HTC Volantis, HTC Flounder.

The Nexus 8 moniker came from Germany developers who found it via the Chromium Code Review.

Because of the phone’s 8.9-inch screen, some have referred to the tablet as the Nexus 9.

Meanwhile, serial tech tipster site @evleaks has pointed out that the tablet, codenamed T1, could also be referred to as the HTC Volantis or HTC Flounder.

Recently, has provided some specs of the Nexus 8. It allegedly will have a 8.9-inch, 2560 x 1600p display, a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra chip, 4GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and a 1.6 megapixel front camera, as well as optional LTE.

Neither Google nor HTC have announced that they are working on a new Nexus tablet, which means there is no official release date, so some guess work is required.

Nexus devices normally launch with the latest version of Android. Google’s upcoming mobile OS is currently known as Android L, and it has been speculated to be ready for public consumption around October or November.

This means that the Nexus 8 could very well be released in Q4, 2014.

Here are the specs on the device, according to KnowYourMobile:

8.9-inch display at 2048×1440 (281ppi)
NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor (Tegra K1)
16/32GB internal storage
8MP OIS main camera, 3MP front facing camera
Aluminum zero-gap construction
Stereo front-facing speakers
8.91″x5.98″x0.31″ body (that’s 22.63×15.19×0.79cm)
418g (or 427g with LTE) (that’s 14.74/15.1 ounces)