Nexus 6 Release Date: What Does Moto X Getting Android L / 5.0 ‘Lollipop’ Update Say About Google’s ‘Shamu’?

What does news about the Moto X getting the Android L update bode for the Nexus 6?

Recently, Motorola’s vice president of product management Punit Soni replied “Yup” on a Google+ thread about whether the Moto X will get the Android L update.

Thus far, only HTC has confirmed that it will be supporting the Android L.

However, HTC is also rumored to be working with Google to produced the Nexus 8/9/Volantis, which could be part of the reason why they are supporting the Android L to begin with.

All Nexus products will carry the latest Android operating system, and are also the first in line to get updates when they roll out.

The Android L has been rumored to be launched anytime from October to November.

So how does Motorola fit in with this news?

There have been rumors that Google and Motorola are teaming up together to release the Nexus 6.

Codenamed “Shamu,” the project supposedly came about after Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola in January 2014. The acquisition reportedly led to Google’s Android unit working with Motorola to produce the next Nexus device.

The only detail about the Nexus 6 right now is that it has a 5.9-inch screen, and hence falls in the “phablet” class of smartphones.

Previously, it was presumed that Google won’t be producing another Nexus device because they were said to be working on another project, the Android Silver.

Although Google has since denied that it is scrapping the Nexus line, rumors of a Nexus 6 replacing the Nexus 5 died off towards mid-2014, and have only just re-surfaced.

Given Motorola vice president Punit Soni’s confident reply about Motorola’s support for Android L, however, it seems rather likely now that the Nexus 6 project is truly back on, and Motorola could have a part to play in it.