New Documentary Provides Insight into Corruption in Divorce

January 11, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Divorce Corp is a documentary created and funded by a man who, during is own divorce, noticed injustices that existed in the court system.  Joseph Sorge, a television producer with notable credits under his belt, financed this project on his own. 

In it, he showcases the relationship between the lawyers and judges. Sorge’s documentary shows that they are not as separate as they should be in terms of common goal and ethical responsibility.  The soon-to-be divorcees are unable to do anything about the continuances, the unnecessary motions for discovery, and other antics that serve to prolong a case and rack up lawyers fees.  Sorge also discusses these tactics at great length, as well as the outcomes, such as the abandonment of appeals due to intangible costs.

Criticism for Sorge’s documentary lies in the credibility of data.  There are several divorce stories that are referenced that are common knowledge, but then there are others that are compelling, but difficult to verify.  Likewise, many say that Sorge reused his sources and experts too frequently during the film.  This also gives the impression that there is a limited resource pool for the project. 

Additional subject matter experts in the field would have served to bolster the information provided. However in a general sense, this film may have started a phenomenon for other aspiring producers or writers to create documentaries that can shed light on corruption in divorce court that might have gone unnoticed by the greater population.