Near Death Experience Turns Atheist Doctor Into Believer: Personal Account

December 10, 2013 Updated: December 10, 2013

The following experience was shared by Joseph G., a police officer in Miami, Fla., on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website:

I went to the emergency room of the hospital because of a bad reaction to a tetanus shot. While in the emergency room, I was given two shots of penicillin. After the second shot, I fell to the floor.

All of a sudden, I found myself floating at the ceiling, watching the turmoil going on in the room. My body was on the gurney jumping and shaking. The room was full people working on me; pounding on me.

The nurse who gave me the shots was sitting on the floor in the corner, hysterical. I saw them with the electric paddles trying to start my heart, with no luck. I thought I heard someone say that I was dead.

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Suddenly, this doctor rushed into the room, shoving everyone out of the way. He was carrying this long syringe with a long needle and plunged it into my chest. That was the last thing I remember.

A week or so later, I suddenly woke up. I was in a hospital room. As I woke up, a doctor entered the room. I recognized him as the one with the needle. The first words I said to him were, “I guess it’s a good thing you came when you did.”

He was totally shocked! He asked the nurse who had I talked too? She told him, “No one, he just woke up from a coma.” He told the nurse that no one was to speak to me including her until he came back.

When he returned, he had a large group of doctors with him. He asked me to repeat what I said. I did. He said there was no way that I saw him, that I was dead by then. He asked me to tell him what else I remembered. I told them all I remembered as it happened and described all I saw.

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They were all shocked because I was dead during the whole thing. I remember that later he told me that before my episode he was [an] atheist. But no more.

It was quite a story in the Miami Herald for quite a long time.

From that time until today, I don’t fear dying, In fact I look forward to it. I feel that God rejected me, because he has some purpose for me.

Since that episode, I have had many experiences that would kill anyone else, but not me.

[For] example, right now, I am recovering from a broken neck. The top three [vertebrae] were broken and that usually results in being paralyzed.



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