Mysterious Light Formation Seen Above San Diego

April 22, 2018 Updated: April 22, 2018

Four to eight lights were seen shifting around in a triangular motion above Carlsbad, a city north of San Diego, California on April 12. The photos and videos were submitted to and reported by FOX5.

A poll by the station showed that 100 percent of viewers believed those lights to be from aliens. The vote could be skewed because it aired at 5:30 in the morning, local time. After a few days, the votes came in at 63 percent “Yes” and 37 percent for “No.”

Some have suggested that they were flares, lanterns, drones, or a UFO.

This isn’t the first time San Diego has had mysterious visitors. “Strange aircraft with lights on bottom” were found glowing above San Diego International Airport and Liberty Station in August 2016, reported NBC 7. In August 2015, several viewers also reported seeing, what one described as “a series of flashing lights” southwest of San Diego.