More Legal Immigrants Submitting US Citizenship Applications so They Can Vote Against Donald Trump

March 7, 2016 Updated: March 7, 2016

More Latinos are seeking U.S. citizenship in order to vote against Donald Trump in the upcoming election, according to a new report.

Trump’s remarks about Mexicans have spurred legal immigrants to apply for citizenship, according to the New York Times.

Count Hortensia Villegas and five of her family members among them. 

Villegas, a legal immigrant from Mexico, has been in the United States for nearly a decade but never felt compelled to apply for citizenship—until now.

“I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win,” the 32-year-old Denver resident said. “He doesn’t like us.”

“I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win,” said Hortensia Villegas, a legal immigrant from Mexico. “He doesn’t like us.”

Posted by The New York Times on Monday, March 7, 2016


Trump infamously called Mexicans drug-traffickers and rapists in June 2015, although he later said he didn’t mean all of them. Recently, he said he’d do well among Hispanics, calling them “incredible people.”

Federal figures indicate naturalization applications jumping 14 percent during the six months ending in January—with the pace picking up even more since then. Applications could approach 1 million this year, about 200,000 more than the average in recent years.

“People who are eligible are really feeling the urgency to get out there,” said Tara Raghuveer, deputy director of the National Partnership for New Americans.

“They are worried by the prospect that someone who is running for president has said hateful things.”

Trump’s campaign declined to comment.