Mom Films Daughter’s Hysterical Response After Claiming She Cooked a ‘Pregnant Turkey’

February 13, 2020 Updated: February 13, 2020

Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn’t make this Thanksgiving story any less amazing. For one mother-daughter duo, their Thanksgiving was a moment worth retelling, and certainly one they shall both likely always remember!

Nerissa Hawkinson, of Montana, risked turning her daughter off turkey forever, but she couldn’t resist an epic prank against her sensitive, animal-loving daughter Raquel. Having prepped and roasted a turkey herself, the mischievous mom asked her grown daughter Raquel to remove the stuffing.

Thanksgiving Prank – Pregnant Turkey.Nov 28, 2013Nerissa Hawkinson

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Nerissa had the camera rolling the whole time; lucky for us, because her footage is absolutely hilarious!

“Here’s Raquel,” Nerissa narrates, filming her daughter fishing for stuffing inside the bird. “Raquel, say ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’” The cheerful daughter obliges. But she doesn’t stay cheerful for long.

Nerissa had planned to convince both of her daughters, Raquel and Nicole, that she bought, stuffed, and cooked a “pregnant turkey,” says Faithit. However, Nicole sniffed out her mom’s prankster plan after discovering both a turkey and a hen in the fridge before Thanksgiving dinner.

Poor Raquel was left out at sea to fend for herself when the shocking “baby bird” was revealed.

As Raquel continues to dig for stuffing in Nerissa’s epic viral video clip, she comes across something she wasn’t expecting. “Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey?” she asks, suddenly frantic. “Oh my God, what is this?” she shrieks, becoming hysterical.

Watch this girl freak out over a prank that makes her believe the Thanksgiving turkey was pregnant!

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The animal lover then carefully retrieves a smaller, cooked bird from inside the turkey and holds it aloft. “Mom, it’s a baby turkey in the turkey!” she cries, inconsolable. “It’s a girl!”

Nicole, unable to control her laughter, sits in a crumpled heap on the opposite side of the kitchen. Nerissa also struggles to maintain her composure, and the camera shakes as she giggles in delight.

'Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? Oh my God, what is this?'

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Cunning Nerissa had placed a small Cornish game hen inside the turkey before roasting, says People. In her shock and horror, Raquel left her middle school biology lessons in the shadows; the roasted turkey wasn’t “pregnant” after all…

Turkeys lay eggs! Not to mention, the Hawkinson household’s “turkey baby” was already plucked and dressed. But we have to admit, we’re glad that Raquel had a logic malfunction at that priceless moment; Nerissa’s trick wouldn’t have been so hilariously impactful if she hadn’t.

Nerissa, crumpled over with laughter but not without sympathy for her distraught, animal-loving daughter, tells her: “It’s a prank!”

“I’m so upset right now, stop recording!” Raquel shrieks, but it’s not long before her tears turn to laughter. She takes the prank like a true hero. Now that’s a Thanksgiving spirit to live up to!

Nerissa’s side-splitting prank has over 15 million views on YouTube. “So what if she isn’t aware of turkey biology,” wrote one kind viewer. “I think her reaction is precious!”

“And now she’s a vegan,” joked another. Well, we wouldn’t be surprised!

For many adventurous families, the “Frankenbird” Thanksgiving feast is a welcome challenge. For the Hawkinsons of Montana, however, we doubt they’ll be experimenting with any more biology experiments in the years to come. At least not without Raquel’s consent!

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