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US Officials Jeopardized US National Security by Helping to Destabilize Ukraine, Damage Relations With Russia | Truth Over News

There are many possible reasons being put forth as to why Vladimir Putin chose to go to war with Ukraine. They range from the threat of further NATO expansion—which many strategic thinkers and statesmen have been warning about for the past 25 years—to Putin slipping into irrationality, as the White House is now suggesting, or Ukraine’s omnipresent neo-Nazi problems, as has been suggested by the Kremlin.

Contrary to what the corporate media and intelligence officials claimed for five years in relation to the Russiagate scandal, the truth is that we cannot know what is going on in Putin’s mind.

But what we do know is the role played by neoconservatives and America’s political elite in the destabilization of Ukraine and how those efforts also helped to destabilize and destroy U.S. relations with Russia.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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