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NIH Deleted Virus Info From Wuhan Lab: Docs

Shanghai’s lockdown might be getting extended. As the city’s true number of infections reportedly skyrockets, netizens reveal more death cases online.

Workers at one shuttered factory protest. Authorities told them to isolate in their dorms, but factory leaders threatened to withhold food if they didn’t get back to work.

What’s the real cost of lockdown orders? Some in China are questioning whether the country’s strict protocols are really helping protect people—or are harming them instead.

More controversy surfaces surrounding the Wuhan virology lab. Documents show an American health agency deleted genetic sequencing details on the virus at the lab’s request.

Zooming in on the Indo-Pacific, the United States is holding a joint drill with the Philippines, and making a promise to Singapore.

Topics in this episode:

Hungry Shanghai Workers Protest Amid Lockdown

Locals Reveal Lacking Medical Care: Shanghai Lockdown

NIH Deleted Virus Info From Wuhan Lab: Docs

Falun Gong Practitioner Paralyzed Over Torture

Q&a: Examining Inner Mongolia’s School Boycotts, Yrs Later

Shanghai Expo Center Turned Into Quarantine Site

Quarantine Centers Raise Cross-infection Concerns

China Cannot Beat Omicron Through Lockdown: Expert

7 Lockdown Days Costs China Over $10b: Study

Shanghai Hands Out $22b In Aid To Firms

U.S., Philippines Hold Military Drills

U.S., Singapore To Deepen Economic Relations

Singapore: A New Safe Haven For China’s Rich?

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