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Fired for Praying in Public: Coach’s Supreme Court Case Will Decide Future of Religious Freedom

A case being heard at the Supreme Court could determine whether Americans are free to pray in public, or whether any type of public religious expression can get them fired from their jobs.

Coach Joe Kennedy lost his job for doing just this, after he began praying on the football field in Bremerton School District, and was reprimanded for public displays of his faith.

Kennedy said, “the school district said, you know, you got to basically choose between your faith and your job. That’s when I knew that it got real for me.”

The case could address a central question of whether government employees lose their religious liberties when they’re on the job, or whether freedom of belief is unconditional.

As attorney Jeremy Dys with First Liberty notes, “this case will answer the question about whether or not teachers are going to have to take off their rights under the Constitution—the rights that Coach Kennedy fought for in the Marine Corps for 20 years— if they’re going to be required to leave those on the doorstep of the school district when they go through those schoolhouse gates.”

Host of Crossroads Joshua Philipp speaks with Coach Joe Kennedy and attorney Jeremy Dys to find out why this case is important to the future of America’s religious freedom.

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