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Facts Matter (Jan. 28): FDA Asks Judge To Delay First 55K Batch Of Vaccine Docs; Pfizer Lawyers Move to Intervene in Case

Sweden’s public health agency just put out a statement saying that they reject the idea of children under the age of 12 being forced to get the COVID vaccine.

However, here in America, it’s a much different story, because not only has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the vaccine for everyone above the age of 5, but also, in a recent statement, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he predicts a three-shot vaccine regime for children who are below the age of 5 as well.

Meanwhile, there has been a new twist in the lawsuit between the FDA and a medical transparency group.

Just two weeks after a federal judge ruled against the FDA and ordered them to release all of their vaccine-related documents within the next eight months, the lawyers for Pfizer sent in a request and asked the judge to intervene in the case.

Lastly, while I was down in Texas, I had the opportunity to speak with Karla Mathis, the president of the National House of Hope, and we discussed how her organization helps to heal children and restore families.


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