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Facts Matter (Feb. 17): 2 New Studies Find Natural Immunity is Strong Against Omicron, 88% Protection from Serious Cases

Right now, cities across the United States are still in the process of implementing vaccine mandates. And so, we’re seeing cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Boston firing teachers, letting go of city workers, and even terminating police officers.

However, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that natural immunity is fairly robust against even the Omicron variant. In fact, the researchers there said that it’s as good as a two-dose regimen of the vaccine. Likewise, another study that came out of Qatar also showed the same thing—that natural immunity not only exists but offers strong protection to those who have it.

Meanwhile, according to the latest data from the FDA, America is currently experiencing a shortage of about 117 different types of medications. And the reason largely stems from the fact that most of our medication production has been outsourced to China.



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