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Facts Matter (Feb. 16): Exclusive: Pfizer Clinical Trial Whistleblower Presses Forward With Lawsuit Without US Government’s Help

According to its newly published earnings report, Pfizer is pretty much swimming in cash. In fact, just from the vaccine alone, it has brought in $36 billion—making its vaccine the No. 1 top-selling pharmaceutical product ever in a single year from any company, by a very wide margin.

However, not everything is going smoothly for Pfizer.

That’s because for one, the FDA has decided to push back its decision on whether or not to allow children younger than the age of 5 to get the Pfizer vaccine.

And then also, a whistleblower from one of the subcontractors that ran several of Pfizer’s clinical trial sites alleges that the trial was plagued with issues, including the falsification of data, unblinded patients, as well as very big delays in following up on adverse reactions.

And now that the government has declined to intervene in the case, all the documents are public, and she’s moving forward with her lawsuit.


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