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Exclusive Letter From a Jan. 6 Prisoner: ‘Light Brushfires of Liberty in the Souls of Men’

A former Green Beret named Jeremy Brown has been sitting in jail for the past seven months as a Jan. 6 prisoner. His crime: one misdemeanor count of allegedly trespassing on U.S. Capitol grounds.

However, thanks to a serendipitous chain of events, an investigative journalist at The Epoch Times—the award-winning Patricia Tolson—obtained a letter, written by Jeremy’s own hand from behind bars.

I wanted to read this letter together with you all, because it is an authentic account that I believe all Americans should have access to. It’s the true first-hand account of a Jan. 6 prisoner that might truly “light brushfires of Liberty in the souls of men.”


🔵 Full Letter:

🔵 Just Another Channel Video:

🔵 Jeremy’s Website:

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