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CIA Knew 5 Years Ago That Data Tying Trump to Russia Was Fake, yet They Kept That Information to Themselves | Truth Over News

On Friday night, special counsel John Durham dropped a bombshell announcement as part of a routine court filing in the prosecution of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

Durham revealed that the CIA has known since early 2017 that data linking President Donald Trump to communications with Russia were false. These data trails had been pushed by Sussmann, Clinton campaign operatives, and the media to establish the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russia. This same falsified data also played an important role in creating a media and political frenzy that resulted in the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017. We now know that it was all completely made up.

The latest filing by Durham also confirms that Trump was spied on—after he was elected president—a claim that has been repeatedly ridiculed by the corporate media. To make matters worse for Sussmann and the Clinton campaign, Durham has now confirmed that at least two participants in Clinton’s scheme have been given immunity.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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