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Facts Matter (May 25): CEO Dumping 30M Vaccine Doses; Global App to 100% Track Citizens; Push to “Recalibrate” Free Speech

The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting is currently underway in the city of Davos, Switzerland.

As per usual, the meeting is attended by the global elites who, among other things, discuss ways to reshape society for the better—at least, from their perspective—as well as how to set up more systems of control over our lives.

That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s not: among the speeches given was one by the president of Alibaba Group, who bragged about a new system they’re developing to measure an individual person’s carbon footprint—specifically, by tracking their movements, their dietary habits, as well as their spending.

Furthermore, on the issue of spending, the president of the French Central bank and the president of Credit Suisse discussed how, within the next five years, they will have up and running a central bank digital currency that can track and then even control what you and I purchase—which sounds like it might go against an individual’s human rights.

But have no fear, because in another panel at Davos, an official from Australia came out and announced that we need to recalibrate what we mean by things like human rights and free speech.

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