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Bedlam at the Border Part 2: Texas Digs In, Gets Creative to Battle Migrant Surge

This is Part 2 of “Bedlam at the Texas Border,” direct from the Rio Grande Valley on the Mexican border with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

In Part 1, we heard from frustrated locals in the Rio Grande Valley—politicians, ranchers, law enforcement, and others on the river—who describe how cartels control the border, and they can’t understand why the federal government is allowing it to happen. They say it’s a national security nightmare and they’re the ones paying the price for the rest of the country.

In Part 2, we look at what Texas is doing to fill the security gap under the leadership of Gov. Greg Abbott, especially as the state braces for the next surge of illegal migrants that’s expected as Title 42 ends next month and new rules for asylum-seekers begin.

Operation Lone Star (OLS) is a big part of the governor’s response, as we hear from local law enforcement and the Texas Department of Public Safety. OLS is a massive multi-billion-dollar endeavor to marshall all the state’s resources against the cartels. It includes the Texas Rangers, state troopers, the Texas Military Department, National Guard, special agents, Marine and aircraft, tactical operators, intel specialists, and even Parks and Wildlife to provide additional boat power, plus continuing to build the border wall. Abbott also had to get creative to bring attention to the border crisis—and it might just be working.

Then in America Q&A, we ask if Texas is right to do more to secure the border.

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