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Will China Surpass US Military Power in Asia?

What’s the biggest threat to North America and Europe? The U.S. says it’s China. But the world’s biggest military alliance gives a different answer.

As Beijing rapidly expands its military, could the power balance in Asia shift towards China? That’s as questions rise over whether Washington’s aid to Ukraine will impact its commitment to Taiwan. We spoke with expert Greg Copley for answers.

A recent coal purchase is making headlines over an unusual payment method. The transaction is between an India-based company and a Russian coal supplier, and is valued in the millions.

Costco is recalling hundreds of thousands of solar umbrellas—all of them made in China. Reports say a malfunction can cause them to catch fire.

And, protests in Central China’s Henan province. That’s over $6 Billion in customer money, stuck inside local banks.

Topics included:

Nato: Russia is a ‘direct threat’

Biden Met With Japan, S. Korea Leaders During Nato

India to Pay for Russian Coal in Chinese Yuan

Costco Recalls 400k China-made Umbrellas

Chinese Banks Freeze Deposit Money, Trigger Protests

Nepal Protests China’s Border Encroachment

Will China Surpass U.S. Military Power in Asia?

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