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The Genius Club

Seven geniuses – with IQs over 200 – must solve the worlds problems in one night on Christmas Eve or a terrorist will ignite a nuclear bomb in Washington DC.

From the director of “Suing the Devil” and “Interview with the Antichrist.”

The film was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival and was the only faith-based movie there. The director is a Harvard alumnus and former atheist who found Christ after much soul-searching and discourse that is reflected in this film.

Starring the seminal cast of Tom Sizemore, Stephen Baldwin, Tricia Helfer, Jack Scalia, Paula Jai Parker, this groundbreaking film became a cult-classic after its theatrical release. The film is timely for this period and hits on topics including God’s existence, war, lawsuits, gas prices, terrorism, greed, and finally redemption.

A film by Timothy A. Chey

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