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Saving America From Socialist Tyranny: Kingface The MAGA Rapper’s Posthumous Interview

Two and a half years ago, we sat down with Larry Henry—better known by his stage name: Kingface.

Kingface was a rapper, community influencer, social media star, and a rising voice in the conservative movement.

However, we conducted this interview before launching the Facts Matter program. And sadly, by the time we launched the program in November, Kingface had passed away. He was 38 years old.

After rewatching this interview, it becomes clear that everything we discussed in February 2020 is still as relevant today as it was back then. Whether it’s the indoctrination of children in schools, how free government perks will lead to inflation, or how widespread abortion is wiping out the black communities—everything we discussed is salient today.

And so, instead of having this interview collect dust on a hard drive, we’re sharing it with you today: one of Kingface’s last interviews.

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