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Petrochemical Plant Explosion Kills 1 in Shanghai

TikTok says your data won’t be seen by China because it’s stored in the United States. But a new report reveals that China can still see it.

A three-part explosion rattles a petrochemical plant in Shanghai. The blasts killed one and injured at least one more.

Severe flooding sweeps southern China. The region is coping with damages, as torrents tear down roads and bridges and cause other issues.

Will the Biden administration remove tariffs on some Chinese goods? Both the president and the Treasury secretary discussed the possibility over the weekend.

Four days—that’s all it took to find a replacement heart for an organ transplant patient. But an expert is drawing attention to the seemingly unbelievable speed, and asking: is a Chinese hospital harvesting organs?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Report: U.S. TikTok User Data Seen by China
  2. Petrochemical Plant Explosion Kills 1 in Shanghai
  3. Southern China Hit by Heavy Rain, Severe Floods
  4. Heat Wave Sweeps Across Central China’s Henan
  5. Biden Could Remove Some China Tariffs: Yellen
  6. Wuhan Hospital Suspected of Organ Harvesting
  7. Taiwan Hospital Displaced Doctors for Conducting Organ Harvesting in China
  8. Russian Oil Exports to China Soar to Record Highs
  9. Russia Made $98B From Fossil Fuels: Report
  10. Australia, Solomon Islands Discuss Security Concerns
  11. Samoa PM: Pacific Can Handle Its Own Security Issues
  12. UK Crackdown on Confucius Institute Funding
  13. Macau Closes Businesses Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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