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Pelosi Visit: ‘We Salute the Successes of Taiwan’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wraps up her historic visit to Taiwan—after a series of threats from Beijing.

A Chinese company is eyeing a deep water port and airstrip in the Solomon Islands amid mounting concerns in the West about a potential Chinese military base just a thousand miles from Australia.

India is on high alert. A Chinese military ship plans to visit one of its neighbors—though the country says the ship is only there to refuel.

In a dangerous dance between three Pacific powers, New Zealand is looking to improve its relations with Beijing, while the United States seeks to boost military ties with the island country.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Pelosi Visit: ‘We Salute the Successes of Taiwan’
  2. Countries React to Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit
  3. Pelosi Visit Activates Memories of a Past Crisis
  4. U.S., Indonesia Hold Drills Amid China Concerns
  5. China to Buy a Strategic Solomon Islands Port
  6. Chinese Military Survey Ship Heads to Sri Lanka Port
  7. New Zealand: We Still Have Shared Interests W/ China
  8. U.S. to Deepen Military Ties with New Zealand
  9. Industry Group: UK Companies Turning Away from China
  10. GPS Tracker Open to ‘Life-Threatening’ Hacks: Report

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