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Newly Uncovered State Department Memo Reveals US Government Knew Early on That Pandemic Started at a Wuhan Lab | Truth Over News

A newly released memo from the State Department reveals that government officials knew early on that the COVID-19 pandemic likely originated at a Wuhan lab.

That memo, dated April 2020, states that out of five possible origins for COVID-19, a lab leak was by far the most likely. The memo also suggests that alternative theories had been introduced to prevent a lab leak from being investigated. The memo, which focuses almost entirely on the likelihood of a lab leak, contains a large amount of information that was not known publicly at the time it was written.

Although a lab leak is now widely accepted as a likely origin for the virus, when the memo was written, a concerted effort was underway to discredit this possibility.

That Mike Pompeo’s State Department had this information during the early critical days of the outbreak raises real questions that Pompeo and the State Department will need to answer.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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