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Musk’s Stake in Twitter Represents a Potentially Seismic Shift in Our Political Landscape | Truth Over News

Elon Musk, who recently foreshadowed his interest in a social media platform that actually allowed open discourse, has now reported that he owns 9.2 percent of Twitter stock and has obtained a seat on Twitter’s board. Given the lag in SEC reporting requirements, it’s all but certain that Musk’s actual stake is now far larger than that.

Musk’s stake in Twitter, a primary source of political discourse, represents a potentially seismic shift in our political landscape.

The removal—or even a loosening—of Twitter’s restrictions and overt political bias would allow for the possibility of open discussion and true representation of all ideas and opinions.

Imagine the impact. No censorship of facts. The thing that Washington elites most fear.

But Musk’s stake in Twitter also highlights the dire state of our nation’s politics. That it requires the actions of a rogue billionaire who resides outside of Washington’s elite club to rescue free speech in this country is fundamentally alarming.

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