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Left Endorses Terrorism and Overthrow of Government Over Roe v. Wade; Destroys Narratives on ‘Insurrection’

Far-left terrorist organizations have been openly organizing attacks and protests, following the Supreme Court’s ruling which overturns Roe v. Wade. Not only has the left largely not condemned these actions, but in many cases they have openly supported them.

The protests and calls for violence are shining a light on the double standards in law enforcement, news narratives, and corporate agendas. Wikipedia has also been caught deleting information to cover up for the groups. And meanwhile, the purpose of other organizations, such as the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, working directly with Democrat politicians, includes the stated purpose of destabilizing and overthrowing the American government.

In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

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