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Impact: Passion of the Christ | Feature Film

Writer/director Tim Chey has put together a marvelous documentary about the impact of Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. IMPACT: THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has already been acclaimed by the Renaissance Film Festival and Liberty Film Festival.

To produce the documentary, Tim flew to London, Tokyo, Oslo, Bombay, Seoul, Bangkok, and throughout the United States to film the impact of THE PASSION on audiences. In Norway, he interviewed a neo-Nazi who turned himself in two hours after seeing THE PASSION. The man went from hating everyone to loving everyone, according to Tim. Tim highlights the conversion of several criminals in the United States who confessed their guilt after seeing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

IMPACT also includes brief interviews with some of the key Hollywood people involved in THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, as well as several media experts – including yours truly, Dr. Ted Baehr.


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