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How China Has Been Using Globalism as a Trojan Horse to Advance Its Own Interests | Truth Over News

The United States is a republic with a constitutionally limited government, and its citizens are protected by the Bill of Rights.

It is our willingness to live by our republic’s charter—the U.S. Constitution—that allows us to maintain our freedom, ruled by law instead of being ruled by man.

Globalism seeks to subsume constitutional law, centralizing authority within a small group of decision-makers. The end goal of globalism is the establishment of a world government and the “global rule of law,” under which nation-states cede judicial authority to supranational courts.

China has chosen to align itself with the globalists of the EU, but only as a means to their ends.

China has no interest in a world government. China’s intentions are loftier than that: China wants to BE the world’s government.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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