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Harvard Professor Convicted for Hiding China Ties

One of America’s top research chemists could now face over a decade in prison after he lied to prosecutors about being involved in Beijing’s talent recruitment program.

But that’s not the only new sentencing—a former U.S. Navy sailor is also headed to jail. Her 30-month mandate comes after she, with the help of her husband, secretly sold sensitive U.S. military equipment to China for profit.

The Chinese communist regime says “no” to religious events ahead of Christmas. The regime is laying down new rules and restrictions on religious activity held online.

Beijing is reportedly broadcasting millions of dollars’ worth of propaganda to the United States, according to new U.S. federal disclosures.

Dozens of Taiwanese officers have been convicted for spying for China in the last decade. Experts say Beijing could be trying to undermine the democratic island’s military and civilian leadership.

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