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Facts Matter (Feb. 23): Leaked Messages Show Officers Brag About Using Brutal Force on Protesters; Hackers Breach Donor List

The clampdown on Canada’s trucker convoy has entered a new phase. First of all, the police force has been called in to break up the protest. And so they have. Online videos from the ground are showing swarms of armed police pushing protesters back, smashing truck windows, arresting protesters at gunpoint, and even trampling overtop protesters on horseback.

And based on leaked text messages from the officers themselves, it appears that they are enjoying their work.

Furthermore, hackers have broken into the GiveSendGo fundraising system, and released the names and addresses of all the donors.

And the mainstream media in this country, instead of investigating the illegal, is instead pursuing the donors.

And then lastly, Kyle Rittenhouse has launched a new initiative called The Media Accountability Project, which he described as a group that will be used to hold members of the media accountable for lies and defamation.


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