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Facts Matter (Feb. 1): Durham Court Filing Reveals DOJ Inspector General Withheld 3 Pieces of Key Evidence From Team

Last week, John Durham, the special counsel currently investigating the alleged spying that was done against Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, submitted a new court filing that revealed the fact that the inspector general of the Department of Justice has been concealing crucial information from his investigation—specifically, information that’s connected to a Clinton campaign lawyer, as well as to the former general counsel of the FBI.

Meanwhile, while I was down in Texas, I had the opportunity to speak with John and Amanda Milius, who are together the producer and director of a film called “The Plot Against America,” and we discussed what it’s like to bring the uncomfortable truth to light, as well as what it means for this country that you can use the facts to win in a court of public opinion, but not in a court of law.



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