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Facts Matter (Dec. 17): FDA Issues New Vaccine Warning; CDC Panel Advises Against Johnson Vaccine

The CDC’s advisory panel on vaccines just got together and had a very important meeting regarding serious adverse reactions that people have been experiencing after taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

And after several hours of combing through research, they unanimously voted to not recommend the Johnson shot to the general public.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, in a televised interview in Ohio, President Joe Biden falsely claimed that those who are vaccinated cannot spread the virus to others. And the reason that we know it’s a false claim is because the CDC—on their own website—says the exact opposite.

However, don’t go looking for that information on Twitter. Earlier this month, Twitter made a very quiet change to their terms of service, and they officially labeled the fact that vaccinated people can still spread the virus as being a form of misinformation.


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