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Hunt for the Virus Origin: Lab Secrets, CCP Coverups, and The Next Deadly Pandemic | Exclusive Documentary

Nearly 5.1m* people have died (over 750,000 in the U.S.) from Covid-19 at the time of this video’s publication.

The world’s top investigative resources, including some of its best scientists, have been deployed to find the virus’s origin–By and large, their search has led them to Wuhan, China, where they’ve met many roadblocks yet to be crossed.

Theories and suspicions encircle the mystery of the Coronavirus’s origin; whereas concrete answers are few. But perhaps that’s because the wrong questions are being asked.

In my reporting, I’ve kept a close eye on China, and its ruling regime. I knew that to understand how the global pandemic could have started there, it was necessary to understand what was happening in Wuhan City–at the markets, at the Lab, and among researchers and officials–at that time.

No one would have imagined the extraordinary pattern of intrigues, coverups and blatant criminal behaviors that has emerged; and while this pattern may begin in China, it certainly extends well beyond its borders.

In probing the source of the virus outbreak, I speak to leading experts across many fields, from microbiology and disease studies to international relations and modern history. With each revelation, we see the need to find the origin in time to help prevent the next outbreak becoming startlingly more urgent.


*This figure is an estimate based on the aggregation of various worldwide sources. It does not factor in, for one, the potential misreporting of data from China for political ends. The actual Coronavirus death toll could be significantly higher than what is presented here.


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