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Concerns Over Taiwan Increase as Russia Declares War

Hours after Putin put boots on the ground in Ukraine, Beijing sent fighter jets soaring past Taiwan. Will the island become the next Ukraine? Taipei reacts to those concerns.

Western countries are again leveling sanctions at Russia amid the Ukraine conflict. But some worry those penalties will make China a more powerful competitor on the global stage.

One mother of eight, found chained to a wall. Beijing has punished a dozen local officials tied to the crime. But one expert says it’s far from “case closed.”

One Chinese city is going bankrupt. Records show it spends six times more money than it takes in. Meanwhile, real estate prices take a nosedive.

And between the world’s two biggest economies, how do the costs of raising a child compare? New research shows Chinese parents have to put in nearly double the work hours to afford having a baby, compared to U.S. couples.

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