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Baker’s Testimony Provides a Real Problem for DC Establishment, but Will DC Jury Convict? Truth Over News

Despite what the corporate media may tell you, testimony from James Baker, the former senior legal counsel to the FBI, is damning to former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann—and it’s backed up by testimony that Baker gave to Congress in October 2018.

Sussmann, a former Democratic National Committee heavyweight lawyer and one of the nation’s premier cyber-experts, approached Baker and the FBI as a private citizen. There’s no lack of clarity surrounding this fact, as we shall demonstrate from Baker’s 2018 testimony.

But will that be enough for John Durham’s case, as he fights an upstream battle against a D.C. jury pool that is almost entirely Democratic and inclined to believe the Clinton-manufactured Trump-Russia collusion hoax? And how will Durham’s case fare against a judge that is, astonishingly, directly affiliated with FBI Crossfire Hurricane lawyer Lisa Page?

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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