Mike Garet MMA Knockout of Sam Heron at WCMMA 14: New World Record?

March 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mike Heron of MMA knocked out Sam Heron very, very quickly.

So quickly that it might set a world record.

Welterweight Garret advanced on Heron right after the opening bell and threw a kick at Garret’s head that took Garret by complete surprise.

Just like that, the WCMMA 14 bout was over.

Promoter Dave O’Donnell said that it’s a new world record at 1.7 seconds.

However, the time isn’t the time between the first bell and the kick–it’s the time between the first bell and the end of the match.

Officials didn’t call of the match right after the kick, taking an additional several seconds. It appears from a video that it was over three seconds in total. 

It’s still unclear whether that number would set a new world record, according to Cage Potato. See the video below.


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