Middies Keep Erie Bell Another Season

By Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
October 14, 2015 Updated: October 14, 2015

PORT JERVIS—In a heart-breaker for 500-600 Port City fans and a triumph for Middletown High School, the Middies kept the Erie Bell at their school in an exciting match. The Middletown High School football team came from behind to win the Erie Bell non-conference football game on the Port Jervis high school playing field.

Port Jervis ignited the crowd early on with two touchdowns in the first half. They were able to keep Middie’s star running back Jordan Bryan from making much ground. The Middletown team seemed cowed by the determined Port defense.

Play changed in the second half as Bryan scored three touchdowns leading to a final winning score of 21-13. Bryan was named Most Valuable Player.

When the final bell rung, Middie players and fans rushed to the Bell and yelped in triumph.

The game was the centerpiece of Port Jervis high school homecoming. During half-time a cavalcade of classic cars led by a corvette with the Banach brothers of Olympic fame was followed by homecoming king and queen and their court.

The game was played with sportsmanship and class on both sides.

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