Meryl Davis Boyfriend: Were Meryl and Maks Caught Kissing Backstage During ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy stole the show in Dancing with the Stars with their undeniable chemistry and superb dancing.

Even after season 18 wrapped up, fans are still following the pair and trying to figure out whether they’re a couple or not despite Davis denying that they are. Maksim (Maks) notably declined to comment instead of denying it.

As a commentor on a previous Epoch Times article pointed out, “the chemistry and passion” of the pair “could label them as the most passionate couple ever on ‘DWTS.'”

“It was like watching one soul emerge,” the commentor said.

When the pair were still competing, a source told Life & Style magazine that they were caught kissing off-camera.

“It’s even more intense” off screen than it is on screen, the insider told the magazine.

“There were no cameras on them, but Maks was spotted kissing her and hugging her. They seem super close, and it is definitely not just for the cameras. Everyone on set has noticed their chemistry.”

“They only talk with each other at the show and are really touchy and flirty,” a source close to the show added to “He is always talking about her great body and has his hands all over her, even when the cameras are off.”

 “They seem to only have eyes for each other and have a very sensual connection,” the source added.

Davis and Chmerkovskiy seemed to tease fans who were hoping for a kiss during most dances, getting incredibly close but not quite there. Now both have gone mostly silent and appear to have gone their separate ways, perhaps signaling that they are not, in fact, together.


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