Memphis Bleek Arrested for Claiming Blue Ivy on His Taxes? Nope, Story Isn’t True

January 29, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A story “Memphis Bleek Arrested for Claiming Blue Ivy on His Taxes” isn’t true–it’s from the fake news website

It’s one of an increasing number of websites that publish fake news stories that are often meant as satire, like the Onion. However, most other sites aren’t as well known so the stories often fool people into thinking that they’re real.

For instance, another story from creambmp about Bow Wow being fired from 106 & Park led to Bow Wow trending online and people expressing opinions on what they thought actually happened.

The story about Memphis Bleek claims that he’s been taking care of Blue Ivy while “Bey and Jay” have been touring.

The story claimed that the rapper, the “best friend” of Jay-Z, was arrested for claiming Blue Ivy as a dependent on his 2013 federal income taxes.

Wasn’t like I was taking money out they pockets. I was gonna give them half,” the story quotes the rapper as saying.

He emphasized that he had been babysitting a lot lately and that “To be honest my feelings were hurt and he made me start to feel real Dame Dash-ish.”

A disclaimer on creambmp says: “This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only.”


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