Melissa ‘La Princesa de la Banda’ Plancarte Appears to Admit to Being Daughter of Knights Templar Leader

January 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Melissa ‘La Princesa de la Banda’ Plancarte appeared to admit to being the daughter of a Knights Templar cartel leader.

A controversy has erupted regarding Plancarte, a famous singer, and whether her father is a leader in the infamous cartel.

She recently responded to the allegations, saying: “Thanks to my true friends! Got to give importance to things depending on who they’re coming from. Those who I don’t even actually know, let them keep giving me publicity! People talk too much.”

However, in an elaboration on her thoughts, she appeared to acknowledge her father’s wrongdoing.

“Regarding my father, I naturally love him, but I am not the one to judge him nor I am responsible for his acts, and I don’t have any regrets,” she said in a statement. “I’m totally oblivious to the situations that people are linking me with. My world, my dream and my passion is music and I have been devoted to it for a while, at the same time I focus on my studies. My career can not be tainted by events that I don’t take part in.”

She added: 

“Anyone who has knowledge of the entertainment business can realize that the development of my career has been transparent and honest, I am dedicated to making music and I do it with all my heart. I think the focus of the media and people involved in the conflicts in my state must be something else and not my music and my career since it has nothing to do with it, especially in these times that my country needs to resolve issues of great importance. I am saddened to occupy headlines with these allegations.”

The Knights Templar cartel has been making headlines as over 35 of its members were recently arrested.

Photos of the singer posted on her Instagram account also show her in outsifts with the cartel’s moniker.

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